Our premier online entertainment portal,, recieves tens of thousands of unique visitors daily. Our fresh content including original and third party online games, videos and animations as well as game cheat codes forms part of a community of users.

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Incka Media publishes a range of in-house websites, as are listed categorically below:

Flagship Sites:
  • Free Internet Games - - Online entertainment portal. Online games, videos, animation and forums. Formerally
Online Entertainment Sites:
  • Free Online Games - - Free online games and comics, the first site to be published by Incka Media.
  • Flash Games - - Free online games, another early website we published based on
  • Addicting Games - - Free online games and comics, again based on
  • Funny Signs - - A collection of images of funny sign posts, billboards and store logos.
  • Funny Comics - - Comics and comics strips from several artists collected together.
Software Customization Sites:
  • MSN Emotions - - Provides emoticon icons for use in chats in programs such as Windows Live Messenger.
  • MySpace Smilies - - Emoticons that can be used in online social networking websites such as the popular MySpace website.
  • Cheats - - Cheat Codes to help gamers enjoy their gaming experience more in platforms including PC, PS series, XBox Series and Nintendo platforms.
  • Free Cursors - - Promotes a software program that offers free cursors.
  • Free Smileys - - Promotes a software program that offers free smileys.
  • Free Screensavers - - Promotes Screensavers from a software company.
Advise Sites:
  • Debt Help - - Advise for those in debt on how to fix their finances, as well as reviews of debt consolidation companies.
Resource Sites:
  • Electronic Dictionary - - Allows users to look up words easily in the dictionary to find definitions.
  • Consumer Information - - Guides to buying various consumer goods, as well as information about several leading websites.
  • Physics - - Educational site aimed at students looking for basis information on physics topics.
  • History - - Educational site with several subsites on various historical topics.
  • File Uploading - - Provides free file hosting without login required, mostly used for images.
  • Literature Forums - - Active community with an interest in books, poetry and other literature.
  • Windows Forums - - Boards aimed at people to ask questions and get answers to problems with Windows.
Webmaster Sites:
  • Games for your Website - - Provides free games for webmasters to add to their websites, linked with
Affiliate Shopping Sites:
  • Book Reviews - - Access to a large database of reviews to easily choose a book.
  • Jewelry Store - - Jewelry listings and reviews, for men, women and children.
  • Camcorder Reviews - - Reviews of camcorders and film cameras.
  • Cell Phone Reviews - - Reviews of cell phones.
  • DVD Player Reviews - - Reviews of dvd players and recorders.
  • Digital Camera Reviews - - Reviews of digital cameras.
  • Golf Club Reviews - - Reviews of golf equipment including golf clubs.
  • Patio Furniture - - Reviews of patio and garden furniture.
  • PDA Reviews - - Reviews of PDAs and PDA Phones.